TAV Tunisie requires a concrete and clearly-defined safety levels for aircrafts, passengers and staff to use the airport with enhanced safety.

    For Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport, safety is considered a top priority in all aerodrome activities through a Safety Management System which is set to constantly improve.

    Our goals are to be safe, to be compliant with the national and international standards and to maintain an acceptable safety level.

    The vision is clear: with reactive, pro-active then predictive approaches to safety, we would be able to significantly reduce possible risks which may otherwise result in accidents and damages.

    The Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport commitment is described within the below Safety Policy.

    Safety Policy

    As TAV Tunisie SA - Operator of Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport, safety is a paramount priority in all our activities. We are committed to comply with and meet national and international standards and to maintain an acceptable level of safety in all our airport operations.

    To this end TAV Tunisie SA undertakes to apply, develop and improve strategies and safety.

    All levels of managements and all employees must ensure the implementation of safety performance in their respective fields of operation.

    Our commitment is to:

    • Develop and establish a safety culture based on the efficient management of safety which is one of the primordial values.
    • Define clearly the obligations and responsibilities of all staff in the development and fulfilment of the strategy and performance in matter safety.
    • Reduce risks connected to the operation to an acceptable level that can be reasonably achieved.
    • Guarantee that systems and services provided by external stakeholders respond to the appropriate safety standards.
    • Develop and actively improve the safety processes to meet the national and international standards and if possible go beyond requirements.
    • Ensure that no measure will be taken against any employee who discloses a safety problem in the risks report system, unless such disclosure indicates, beyond any reasonable doubt, an illegal act, gross negligence, or a deliberate or wilful disregard of regulations or procedures.
    • Guarantee to all staff adequate and appropriate trainings on safety.
    • Provide trained and qualified human resources for the implementation of the safety strategy and policy.
    • Establish and measure the safety performance against objectives and realistic goals.
    • Constantly improve performance in matter of safety.
    • Proceed to evaluations of safety level and make sure that that the necessary measures are taken.

    The Operations General Manager commits and requires staff and companies having airport activity, to make every effort to reach these goals.

    Ilyess KERFAHI

    Operations General Manager

    January 2013