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Sch.Time Flight No. Destination Remark
Actual 8:30 AM  JAF 2384 BRUSSELS
Actual 8:55 AM  4T 2545 BASEL MULH
Actual 9:25 AM  HV 712 AMSTERDAM
Actual 9:50 AM  BJ 2248 MUNSTER
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Duty Free

ATU is the sole duty free operator at Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport since 26 May 2007.

Airport Transportation

Enfidha – Hammamet Airport transportation alternatives...


Rent a Car

All car rentals at the airport...


Rail Transportation

The city of Enfidha is served by rail transportation...


Dear Passengers

Passengers are recommended to be at the airport two (2) hours before the scheduled flight for international flights, one and a half (1,5) hours before for domestic flights.


Enfidha is a town located in northeastern Tunisia; It lies on the railway between Tunis and Sousse, approximately...


The airport is around 5 kilometers to the North of the city and serviced to it by regular public transportation shuttles as...

TAV Tunisie promotes Monastir and Enfidh...

Since the inception of


Airport Transportation

April 2012, TAV Tunisie t



On departure, you cannot


Visa Procedures

If you need to obtain an entry visa to Tunisia at the airport, proceed to the visa desk...